10 apps to help your New Year’s resolutions stick

fireworks Berlin

fireworks Berlin

It's that time of year again, when you sit down, contemplate your life and create a list of ways to improve yourself in the New Year. Writing down a list of resolutions isn't the hard part, sticking to them is. We know. So, here's our roundup of apps that you may want to enlist to stay motivated and on track in 2013...

1) Track your goals with Lift

Lift App

"Go running twice a week." "Eat more vegetables." Every year, at least one New Year's resolution involves developing a new desired habit. Like many things, forming habits is easier said than done. If you want to make this year different, try Lift, the simply-designed app that wants to help you identify your goals, track your performance and learn about your progress. You can even invite your friends to join for extra encouragement to help keep you motivated. Price: Free

2) An iPhorism a day keeps your inspiration in play

iPhorismsIt's a crazy world out there and from time to time, words of wisdom are needed to help wade through the confusion and get back on track. iPhorisms is like a Magic 8 Ball, without the Magic 8 Ball. To use the app, "all you do is ask, tap and receive" to discover wisdom from the likes of Deepak Chopra and Winston Churchill. Extra points for top-notch typography.
Price: Free

3) Gojee helps you plan meals with ingredients in your pantry

Gojee app

You've resolved to eat better, cook more and not waste any food. Lucky for you, Gojee can help with all of that. The beautiful free app, which is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and the Web, curates recipes from carefully selected bloggers and food writers based on user preferences. Unlike typical food apps, Gojee has a "Have" tab which allows you to enter a list of items you'd like to cook with so meals can be planned around items already stored in your fridge. Goodbye to boring meals and expensive grocery lists! Price: Free

4) Fitocracy takes the 'work' out of working out

FitocracyCan you actually gamify fitness and make it more fun and addictive? Fitocracy says yes. The iPhone app (Android version coming soon) helps motivate you by providing video game-like positive reinforcement by awarding points, achievements and badges. Fitocracy knows that the social component can be important when exercising, which is why the tool encourages users to add friends, connect with other "Fitizens" and share tips with each other. Price: Free

5) Learn a language with Duolingo


Learning a language is hard and it's easy to put it on the back burner when work, family and friends enter the equation. If you've been struggling to make time for [insert language], maybe you should consider Duolingo. We've written about the service before, but since then, the company has launched an iPhone app for users to learn German, French and Spanish. With its user-friendly interface and engaging exercises, Duolingo makes language learning fun and enjoyable. Price: Free

6) EcoCharge will help you be more eco-friendly

ecochargeNot only is EcoCharge good for you and your mobile devices, it's also good for the environment.  To help optimise battery lifespan and prevent energy waste, the app plays an alarm whenever your device is fully charged so you'll know exactly when to unplug. Even more? EcoCharge offers eco-tips while you're waiting so you can be more eco-conscious in 2013.
Price: $0.99 

7) Use Dreamboard to record your dreams discover yourself


Writing down your dreams can be a good way to inspire creativity and learn more about yourself. However, many people find it difficult to muster up the energy to write down their dreams immediately upon waking. It's dark, you're groggy and the last thing you want to do is turn the light on to put pen to paper. Enter Dreamboard, a design-centric app that wants to help you easily journal and analyse your dreams. The tool allows you to add details of a dream, like emotions, places, colours, people, tags, with only a few simple clicks. Price: Free

8) Track your spending with Spenz

SpenzYou're determined to manage your money better this year – so you've created a budget. Now comes the challenging part: sticking to the plan for the rest of the year. Spenz, an app aimed to help you track your day-to-day spending habits, wants to help. Unlike Mint, which focuses on tracking credit/debit purchases, Spenz allows you to input purchases, tag them into categories, like groceries, coffee or clothing, and earn rewards (like a free coffee!) on the way. Price: Free

9) Clear gives you simple, colour-coded To-Do lists


There's no shortage of to-do list apps out there but if you often find yourself turning to make simple lists for groceries or daily tasks, Clear may be the perfect solution for you. The elegant app is built especially for touch-screen interfaces and lists are managed by using gestures like, pulling to create an item, swiping to complete tasks, and pinching to navigate. Each to-do list is beautifully colour-coded and arranged so that your most important tasks are at the top. With Clear's buttonless and clutter-free design, you'll be able focus on what's important – getting things done. Price: € 0.89

10) Wake up rested with Sleep Cycle alarm

Sleep Cycle alarmHaving a good night's rest and waking up feeling rested and relaxed can make all the difference, which is why Sleep Cycle alarm is worth a try. The intelligent alarm app analyses your movement during the night with your phone's accelerometer and determines which sleep phase you're in. Then, Sleep Cycle will find the optimal time to wake you up within a customisable 30-minute window. Price: € 0.89

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