5 Places Startupers are Watching the World Cup in Berlin

The 2014 World Cup is well under way with more exciting matches lined up for this weekend. Since Germany is definitely a football nation, there are plenty of places to watch the games outdoors instead of from your laptop screen in your apartment. To gather some new inspiration, we asked some of you to tell us where your favorite places to watch football in Berlin are.

Here is what you had to say:

1. Kulturbrauerei


Where: Schönhauser Allee 36
Website: http://kulturbrauerei.de/

"Kulturbrauerei is a neat place to watch the national teams play. Don't forget to bring some cash (entrance is 3,50€ and beers 4€ - not the cheapest place!). Since we Germans are crazy about our Fußball, please make sure to come early. The screen is big but so is the courtyard in Kulturbrauerei. Therefore, if you are running late, better bring a good pair of binoculars. Seriously!"

- Benno Schmidt, Marketing Manager at viventura.de

2. Fanmeile


Where: Between the Brandenburg Gate and the Siegessäule
Website: Berliner Fanmeile zur Fussball-WM 2014

"The Fanmeile is a great spot to catch a match, but only once you’re finally inside. There are limited entrances at the Brandenburg Gate side of Tiergarten, so your best bet is via Yitzhak-Rabin-Straße (next to the Reichstag Building). Once there, you have to go through a short mob of fans, where they make you throw away glass bottles. But after that ordeal, you’re in and the atmosphere is awesome. It’s easy to see any of the massive screens that line the entire Straße des 17. Juni. There is no entry fee and beers are 3,50€ (food is about the same). All in all, highly recommended, especially this Saturday when there’ll most likely be 5X as many people screaming their lungs out each time Germany scores. It’s open for every match from the quarterfinals onward, so plenty of chances to get there if you don’t make it this weekend!"

- Dan Stearns, UK Content Manager at Voucherbox.co.uk

3. Metaxa Bay


Where: Invalidenstraße 78
Website: http://www.metaxa-beach.de/

“My favorite place to watch footy is at Metaxa Bay. At this huge beach lounge directly located at the Main Train Station and next to the Spree, you can have some chilled drinks, while watching the matches on huge screens in comfy deck chairs. Bring some sun lotion for the half-time breaks, when you can be sporty yourself and play a match of beach volleyball. This location is also great for after-work parties and during Oktoberfest they even build up a huge Bavarian tent - perfect for startup team events!”

- Corinna Links, COO of Vertical Media GmbH

4. Prater


Where: Kastanienallee 7-9
Website: http://www.pratergarten.de

"Watching the World Cup at Prater beer garden in Prenzlauer Berg is a really fun experience. There’s no entrance fee and you can buy drinks and really good German food at the food stands, but you need to be prepared for long lines especially during half time. They have put up many screens all over the beer garden and there’s a large tent with a big screen. In the tent, you can really feel the World Cup spirit - all the fans are singing and cheering for the German national team!"

- Lara Menzel, Product Manager at Mobile Event Guide GmbH

5. Golgatha Biergarten


Where: Dudenstraße 40-64
Website: http://www.golgatha-berlin.de/

"Tucked away in Victoria park, Golgatha Biergarten provides a lush oasis for fans to catch their favorite teams for the World Cup. Golgatha, named after the hill that Jesus was crucified on, is located behind a grassy knoll with a large cross on it off of Kreuzberg Str. Despite all of the religious naming, Golgatha is lively on game days. With lawn chairs, swinging benches, sofas, traditional Biergarten tables, and an upper deck, there are several vantage points to see the fame game from a large flat screen TV. Die hard fans will line up lawn chairs right in front while less avid fanatics feast and drink on fairly priced traditional German Biergarten delights. Games are also projected in a large screen inside in case the weather doesn't cooperate. Treat yourself to this hidden Kreuzberg gem!"

- Lauren Hosp, Freelance Writer



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Kulturbrauerei - Benno Schmidt
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