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MLOVE Day - 26 June 14 - Image by Dan Taylor -

From Wednesday to Saturday, the 5th edition of MLOVE took place at the castle in Beesenstedt. 230 people who are passionate about the future of mobile came together to discuss future trends and how mobile is changing our lives.


Besides a startup competition (VentureVillage will report it on Wednesday, July 2nd 2014) different sessions took place. While one topic was Big Data & Growth Hacking, other topics like The New Africa and the role of mobile technology in Africa were discussed as well.

A special highlight was the Wearable & Quantified Self session where, among others, Teemu Arina, talked about bio-hacking. He has moved past using Nike Fuel bands and similar tools. Starting with tracking his sleep, he also mixes his own breakfast with different spices. In addition to many other tactics, Ariana mixes green grass butter in his coffee because of the healthy fats the brain and body need to create cell walls and hormones. In short, he is trying to optimize himself to the maximum.


Teemu Arina about Bio-Hacking


Amish Patel, Björn Woltermann, James Bromley during the break


White Dinner


Harald Neidhardt (MLOVE) announcing Miho Tanaka (Airmarkr) as the winner of the startup competition.

While talks took part mostly in the castle, the barn directly across the yard offered space for the Future Cubes and Design Thinking workshops as well as panels.


The barn


Maker Movement in the barn


Ayelet Noff, Anne Philippi, Stefanie Hoffman, Antonia Neubauer, and Cecilia Pagkalinawan in a panel about Women & Digital Media


This MLOVE was another mind-blowing event. It is safe to say that the people you meet and insights you receive you don’t get at other conferences.


“This year was special, because it was our fifth anniversary,”  Harald Neidhardt, organizer of MLOVE says.  “We could reinvent ourselves going forward with opening up to themes such as smart cities, bio-hacking / quantified self, makers and Internet of Things. We also had a more sustainable event and fantastic vegan food with a BBQ feast as a closing party with lots of artist from Finland and the US … Oh, and a drone-group picture.”

Images: Dan Taylor/Heisenberg Media 

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