New app analytics site Apptrace launches from Berlin

Today the Berlin and London-based intelligent mobile analytics and ad verification company adeven reveals Apptrace, a new free service aiming to lead publishers and developers to the right decision about what, where and when to launch their iOS app. Using over 300 million data points collected from the 155 countries where the App store is available, Apptrace claims to be different than all the others: faster, more comprehensive, and better sourced, its data refreshed every six hours at the stalest. Scout's honor.


App analytics sites make up one of the busiest spaces on the web. Similar platforms number into the dozens, from industry leader Hong Kong-based App Annie (which focuses strictly on App Store stats) to competitors like Flurry (focused on mobile analytics), Mopub (mediating mobile advertising), mopapp, and Distimo.

"As a app developer you need to implement all of the different SDKs from all those different companies which normally simply crashes your app," CEO Christian Henschel tells us. "We'll be delivering a single SDK with all of those features already implemented and a dashboard where you can control everything."

Apptrace reveals 400k "App Zombies"

In its current state, the dashboard looks pretty standard. Details include daily ranks in "Top Countries" and the "Whole World," as well as the number of Top #1 through Top #300 rankings accumulated and information on ratings (like, how many hundred Canadian people gave you two stars, for instance).


The service has revealed several interesting findings though: first and foremost, that two thirds (400k) of apps have zero visibility (are off the list when searching on an iPhone or iPad) and hold no position on the app store making them what adeven has coined as "App Zombies." In its first analysis round, Apptrace found that of the 26,646 new apps launched in June 2012, 17,317 were free (versus 10,841 free new apps of the 20,213 total new apps in June 2011.) Other stats of interest include the fact that there are 1,899 flashlight apps on the market.

Most exciting of all is that another Berlin company is adding to the iOS app ecosystem. In an interesting article this week from Xyologic co-founder Matthäus Krzykowski commented on how the App Store is harder to break into for independent publishers and companies that can't spend money on paid user acquisition. When I ask Christian if Xyologic is a competitor, he says "Absolutely not. Zoe [Adamovitz] and Matthaus are good friends and we are exchanging a lot of ideas to help Berlin become the App Capital of Europe."

We'll back that...width="516"adeven co-founder and CEO Christian Henschel next to the team's office in Berlin

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