Berlin Startups to Watch

We’re always interested in new and exciting startups so with the assistance of a few VC firms, we’ve come up with a list of 10 Berlin startups to watch. These new companies span many up-and-coming industries and offer something that can make us all a little more excited about the future!

Startups to watch in 2016

1. Hyper– Hyper is a daily video magazine that’s getting a lot of hype. With 6 to 12 handpicked videos on your IPad a day and a great minimalist design, Hyper is riding the wave of mobile video. It was recently acquired by NY media outlet for millennials, Mic.

2. Flexperto – Flexperto knows that video is an increasingly popular way to reach customers. It builds an interface between a company and customers creating a “digital conversation” via video, while including features like scheduling, digital signatures and easy file transfer.

3. Cookies – There’s been a lot of talk about FinTech and one of the companies leading this ambitious trend is Cookies. Cookies is a P2P payment start-up. With it, you can avoid ATMs and stay cash-free. It’s a 60 second registration process, with no more TANs and IBANs.

4. Cobi – For serious cyclists, Cobi is the next big thing. It connects your smart phone to your bike and gives you one finely tuned, integrated system, allowing you to ride safely while benefiting from accessories, like lights, a thumb controller working with the app and fitness sensors. It safely mounts on your handlebars and lets you get more out of your ride. The company had a hugely successful crowd-funding campaign in late 2014 and is launching in European and US markets right now.

5. Staffbase – We wrote about how remote working is growing. Staffbase is an app that meets the demands of this growing trend. As an EmployeeApp, it gives businesses a “ready-to-go” intranet and creates effective internal communication. It also generates a mobile employee newsletter and a mobile information platform, crossing tech boundaries to be an important new workplace solution.

6. BuddyGuard – This security start-up’s product, FLARE, provides easy and intelligent home security. Using new technology like face recognition and geolocation, it acts like a real guard to protect your home

7. Hitzeroad – Trying to plan an event or a night out? Facebook Events and long WhatsApp chats about where to go are over. Enter Hitzeroad. The event-creation app lets you organize events privately and easily.

8. Wirkaufen Deinenflug – If you’re a frequent traveller and know the frustration and inconvenience of a delayed or cancelled flight, this website offers an easy way to make your claim. Compensation is up to 400 Euros and is paid within 48 hours.

9. SpaCy – Machine learning is expensive. SpaCy aims to improve communication between computers and people by creating an online library for “industrial strength natural language processing” in Python and Cython and is aimed at small companies who can’t afford other products.

10. Autumn – Autumn is a machine intelligence platform engineered by software developers instead of scientists. The platform is highly technically complex and the aim is to “transcend the opposing concepts in machine intelligence, bringing research and applications closer together”

Thanks to Point Nine Capital, German Startups Group, Fly Ventures and Capnamic Ventures for the suggestions.

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