Eight New Startups At Axel Springer Plug and Play


Plug and Play, the accelerator program of Axel Springer, is beginning its fourth program round with a smaller number of participants. The participants, however, are clearly more international than ever before. Seven of the eight startups are from abroad from Israel, Ireland and Austria.

According to Plug and Play, 80% of its startups received funding in the first two rounds of the program. The third group of participants pitched one month ago at Demo Day to 80 investors. It was clearly a success: Plug and Play says that the ten startups are in current negotiations with potential investors.

Here are the participants of the fourth program round:

Broadsay from Israel allows for the live transmission of broadcast debates that is location and device independent.

Emerald, the developer of the software DermaCompare, is also from Israel. The program allows photo processing for medical purposes that can help in the early detection of skin cancer.

GetJob is the third Israeli participant. It is a location-based app that matches job seekers with employers from the service industry.

The Irish startup Incend is an online platform that enables the sharing of content from research and education with anyone. You can find video lectures, audio podcasts, journal articles and academic blogs on the platform.

The only startup from Germany is Room.me, a platform for the worldwide apartment search.

Shopeat from Israel converts favorite recipes into shopping lists and synchronizes with mobile devices.

Vicomi, also from Israel, measures user emotions in relation to specific content and makes available the results for publishers and website operators.

From Austria, Zizooboats, is a platform and community were boats can be rented worldwide.


Plug and Play is expanding its focus for the first time in late October when the fifth program round begins. Startups that address the intelligent and multimedia networking of cars are being sought after for the Connected Car Program. It has also been announced that co-founder Robin Haak will leave his job at the accelerator to become COO at Jobspotting.

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Translated by Elena Rueckert
Image Credit: Gründerszene 

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