Fab.com announces rapid growth after Casacanda deal


Fab.com has released a fascinating presentation into its nine-month trajectory as one of the leaders of online designer flash sales, with a .7m increase in customers since it acquired Roman Kirsch's Berlin-based Casacanda in February.



The Fab.com stable now boasts 3m users worldwide, according to a presentation made at the London Web Summit by CEO Jason Goldberg. At the time of the deal in late February, the combined customer base was put at 2.3m.

The deal with Casacanda to create Fab.de sees the company gunning for Europe using the company's Berlin and Kassel warehouses, with Kirsch at the helm "to build a European company the size of Amazon".

Roman Kirsch tells VentureVillage that Fab's success is down to its reach: "It's a global movement – I've never seen so much enthusiasm generated for online sales. They can get 5000 designers on board just like that."

Here's the Fab.com story so far...

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