Google Nose released – search by scent on your Android device

google nose

It's been a busy day for Google. As well as releasing a Treasure Maps layer to Google Maps, closing YouTube and announcing Gmail Blue, the search behemoth has just released a completely new way to search – by following your nose...

google nose

While many believed Google Glass  to be an elaborate prank to make people look like hipster douchebags, there's no doubt that Google Nose is legit and heralds a new era in search.

It works by letting you perform a "Smell Search" in much the same way that you would a text or image search in Google. Android smartphones and tablets will "smell" items and identify them to the user, using their "mobile aroma indexing program" from a database of 15 million scents, including those of a campfire, success, the inside of an Egyptian tomb or even a ghost.

“Photo-auditory-olefactory convergence is a phenomenon that has been promised in science fiction for decades,” says Lead Engineer Doug Smith in the video. “But until now we couldn’t give users what they are looking for — because sometimes they’re not looking at all," adds Lena Carddeal, UX Designer.

Check out the video below to see Google Nose in action.

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