Inside King’s New Berlin Office


Head of Studio Gabriel Hacker 


Walking into the new King office in Berlin, it seemed strange to think that we were not visiting a startup. It certainly seemed that way from the look and feel of the office. In Berlin, the gaming company employs 30 people who enjoy many of the office features that are now attributed to startup culture including a ping-pong table and, yes, a slide.

However, Gabriel Hacker, Head of Studio at King Berlin, reminded us that King was actually founded in 2003 and has since opened offices all over the world. It produces games for the web, for mobile and for Facebook, though claims to focus on mobile first.

We met with Hacker for a chat on King and for a tour of the Berlin office that opened just last year. Here are the details and images from our conversation:



 This picture was taken at the entrance to King's office in Berlin. The games developer is looking to hire around 50 additional employees in the near future. It will begin to fill its three floors of new office space at Jägerstraße 32.


 The employees at the King office in Berlin are working on new ideas for games. They test promising ideas and decide on whether or not they will bring them into production. King has offices worldwide, and each office operates independently. Beloved characters from King games decorate many corners of the office including meeting rooms.


 King moved to Berlin to gain access to the tech-oriented talent pool in the city. "You can see that the access to talent is easier," says Hacker. He also names infrastructure and low cost of living as additional reasons why King came to Berlin.


 Hacker explains that the gaming company places a large emphasis on company culture. Despite its rapid growth, it always looks for people who exemplify its values. And no surprise here: the people at King love games.


 345 million people play King games. To stay ahead of the curve, Hacker says that innovation, always striving for high quality and building a loyal community are key success factors.


The visit would not have been complete without testing the slide.

Images: VentureVillage 

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