Quit Your Job: The coolest Berlin Job Listings


Are you looking for a new job challenge in the startup scene? Are you looking to move to Berlin? There are tons of cool jobs out there, and this week brought a ton of buzz about nailing one. If you want to browse through a few this weekend, check the ones below out.

We only feature our favorite companies that have cool teams and clean kitchens, sanitary conditions 100% guaranteed. (Before you check out any of the listings here, watch this video. It will get you in the mood and give you some necessary perspective, we PROMISE).

Webhype Needs: A programmer/pythonista/ninja/rockstar

Under-funded, over-motivated new startup is looking for a second technical cofounder to make us a trio. What do we do? We're working on aggregating, categorizing and contextualizing data from across the internet in a business context, and evaluating people based on an algorithm that is fed by the gathered data. Whew!

(Note: If you're looking for a position at some cookie-cutter webapp you can stop reading right here). Equity is up for discussion. We are looking for someone who's flexible (can go from "let's hack this prototype in 12 hrs to launch our MVP" to "let's rewrite this class until it's cleaner than Meister Propers bald head") creative, willing to learn and willing to object. You also need to enjoy writing code (duh). Benefits include a constant supply of Club Mate. If you're interested, contact us via cofounder@webhype.me.

Team Europe Needs: An all-around HR talent


Are you constantly getting your friends jobs? Directing people to the right hires? We need your support in the areas recruiting, administration and organization - full-time or part-time! We're looking for someone with a very good university degree and already a good deal of relevant professional experience. Are you an excellent, articulate communicator in both English and in German? Do you get your thrill on diverse tasks and new challenges? We're looking to give the right individual a good deal of responsibility from the start on one of the best team's in town. (Editor's note: We can vouch). If you're interested, send us your complete application, with subject line "HR Talent" to career@teameurope.net. Find more jobs at Team Europe Jobs.

Readmill needs: A community manager

width="185"Who are we looking for? Here’s a brief description: You love users. You enjoy helping them out, solving their problems and answering questions about almost anything. The happier users are, the happier you are. You’re a heavy reader and think that ebooks kick ass. You would feel proud taking care of the Readmill community and do your best to make new people find their way in.

Your role as Community Manager would be to structure Readmill’s communication to its audience, such that everyone understands what we’re trying to do. Your job would be to help us grow in the comunity providing full-time support around our platform and apps.You’d also handle our online presence on blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc. We’re looking for someone who’s great with people, has flawless written and spoken English, basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and Photoshop, and a tireless love of the web! To apply, email jobs@readmill.com with your CV and a killer reason why you’re right for our team!


Unlike needs: A cheeky, charming, totally unlikable project manager

unlikeUnlike.net - a true pioneer in the location-based mobile app development
space based in buzzing Berlin Mitte – is looking for an enthusiastic 
project manager to head up cutting-edge app development projects that
 try and go where no other apps have gone before! If you are creative,
 strategic and get excited about the meticulous planning and execution
 of world-beating consumer app experiences that look and feel 
fantastic, then look no further!

You will be working with an unrivalled team with supreme resources at
 their disposal – it’s a fast-paced, dynamic atmosphere and you will be 
rewarded with a competitive salary, an Apple Mac and all-expenses paid
 mobile handset of your choice.

 Are you by nature exceptionally organised, possessing the ability 
to not only provide team spirit, but also the ability to inspire others? Do you have knowledge of app development or digital agency experience? Yo!

 Interested applicants should write to hr@unlike.net on the ASAP. Please include a
copy of your current resumé, as well as a selection of your previous

Navegas needs: Someone who wants to take music to the next level


We need help, but with an awesome problem! We just released the Beta of our beautiful web music player at Midem, got a first blog post by TNW + a few smaller ones, and now Heroku is poppin’ like it's hot! Now we need help ASAP to keep our growing user base happy and to go for more! Have a look at our current application and let us know what we should do next! Brief us. Short-term or long-term is OK. A long-term commitment from you will give you the the potential to join the core team with meaningful equity! If you want to know more, just email us at  talk@naveg.as. We reply within an hour! (And isn’t that special?)



 Image credit: flickr user "Caveman Chuck" coker


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