Martin Hwasser, the 28-year-old musician and developer behind Readmill’s iPad

Editor's note: We are thrilled by Matthew's contribution to the tech community in Berlin, formerly at 6wunderkinder and most recently at Readmill where he's serving as the startup's newest (first?) community manager. We are glad to welcome Matthew's interview with Martin Hwasser on site! Please see other of Matthew's insightful posts on Readmill's blog if you like what you read.

Hello Martin! Please, tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Martin Hwasser and I’m turning twenty eight tomorrow. I’m a developer and occasional musician. A little over one year ago I was working on my Master’s degree in Computer Science in Stockholm and decided to take a leave of absence to work at Readmill, and I haven’t looked back since.


You are Readmill’s iOS Engineer. So what’s that, exactly?

It means I spend my days trying to craft the very best reading experience possible on the iPad. Feel free to ping @martinhwasser on Twitter for feature requests, bug reports etc.

What’s it like developing an e-book reader?

Making a good e-book reader is a lot of hard work. I believe we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift as to how we read and perceive books. The book is being revolutionised with the progression of e-books, and I’m in a position to actually make an impact and really affect how we’ll consume books in the future. It inspires me to do great things.

You used to work at Splunk in San Francisco, how does Berlin compare as a startup city?

I’ll paraphrase Eric Wahlforss and say that Berlin is probably much like San Francisco was 30 years ago -  tech meets hippie; except replace hippie with punk.

Finally, which is the best book you’ve read so far this year?

A fantastic Swedish biography by Per Olov Enquist called Ett annat liv, depicting the struggle between alcoholism and ambition. For English readers I’ll recommend Lolita, the story about a man spiralling down into pits of insanity, desire and tragedy.

You can follow Martin on Readmill and on Twitter. Go say hi!

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