From Razor Blades to Shaving Cream – Berlin-based startup Mornin’ Glory Expands Its Product Offering


Mornin’ Glory announced today that it is officially opening what it claims is the first German one-stop-shop for all shaving products. The Berlin-based startup founded by Fabio Paltenghi and Nicolas Stoetter originally focused on delivering monthly refills on razor blades.

Founded in November 2012, Mornin’ Glory has the vision of breaking into a market largely dominated by Proctor & Gamble’s Gillette brand. At the moment, Gillette commands 70% of the global razors and blades market. The startup saw an opportunity to bring razor shopping online by delivering a monthly subscription of razors via mail. The idea is that the product is offered at a fair price and provides a more convenient option in comparison to in-store alternatives. Now five additional products, including shaving gel, cream and oil, will join this offering.

Mornin’ Glory claims to have over 10,000 returning customers and has expanded to the DACH region and France thus far. Startups with a similar business model include Dollar Shave Club out of Venice, California. Dollar Shave Club is often praised for its marketing campaigns and tactics to acquire customers (check out its video, “Our Blades Are F***ing Great”, for a taste). Another Belgium-based startup RazWar offers bulk subscriptions for one year. Both companies have also expanded their product offerings.

With a new product portfolio in place, Mornin’ Glory plans to move into more European countries next.


Image Credit: Mornin' Glory

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