One-on-one with German Autolabs’ CEO Holger Weiss

German Autolabs is developing a digital assistant to keep drivers' attention on the road.

Holger Weiss is founder of the Berlin-based startup German Autolabs. He stopped by the Heureka and updated us on Chris, a digital assistant meant to keep drivers safe.

At the end of 2017, German Autolabs closed an impressive seed round: €2 million ($2.2 million) with the help of Target Partners and several business angels.

German Autolab founders Holger Weiss (left) and Patrick Weissert.

German Autolabs’ founders Holger Weiss (left) and Patrick Weissert.

Holger Weiss, CEO of the Berlin-based startup, and his co-founder, Patrick Weissert, convinced investors to jump on board and invest in a digital personal assistant, Chris.

Chris’ job is to keep drivers’ hands off of their phones and on their steering wheels.

While no roll-out date has been released (Chris’ software is still separate from the hardware), Weiss brought in a prototype to show what their product might look like.

But with self-driving cars on the horizon and car manufacturers integrating their own internal computers – also capable of providing drivers with information in real time – where does German Autolabs’ Chris fit in?


For more from Holger Weiss, join us at The HEUREKA Conference in Berlin.

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Photo credit: German Autolabs

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