Trucking, “fish porn” and saving lives: Seedcamp Berlin 2013 winners announced


The four winners of Seedcamp Week Berlin were announced yesterday at the mentoring event taking place at art and coworking space The Wye, representing a spread of startups from trucking logistics to "porn for fishing".


In addition to a move to Seedcamp’s base at Google Campus in London, where they will join the full year-long programme and an extensive US roadtrip, they will also receive investment from Seedcamp and access to the incubator's network of more than 2,000 mentors and investors around the world.

With Mini Seedcamps already spread to Belgrade, Kiev, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Stockholm, Europe’s influential micro-seed investment and mentoring programme has heard pitches from a huge range of startups. The new Seedcamp "family members" are from Nottingham, Stockholm, Belgrade and Istanbul (a new territory for Seedcamp):

The Seedcamp Berlin 2013 winners

trucktrackVuk Nikolić and Vukašin Stojkov from Serbia founded Truck Track. Vuk’s family have owned a small a trucking business for 15 years, and as a boy he built an online system for his mother to manage the dozen or so documents needed for each single shipping route. It worked so well she started selling it to other trucking companies.

Vuk has already worked on two previous startups, and his partner Vukašin is already a major figure in the Serbian tech scene, running the NGO SEE ICT, which has helped build the startup ecosystem in Serbia.

smart wardIn a completely different space, Smartward’s founders claim that their app will save lives. A task management application for hospitals, it's designed to reduce human error, specifically when patients are "handed over" between doctors. Dr Michelle Teo, founder and qualified medical doctor, claims that every 48 hours around 1,000 people around the world die due to human errors in hospitals, often due to these sheets getting lost, which cause important tasks to get delayed or overlooked.

The product is beginning a trial in an NHS hospital, which will be critical to prove their concept, and they have a very impressive advisory board to carry them forward alongside Seedcamp.

countlyThe third winner, Countly from Turkey is a real-time mobile analytics tool, offering clients a detailed insight into the movements and actions of users within a mobile app. Countly is open source and is currently looking for for translators in Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian and 10+ other languages, to take their product global.

Onur Soner, founder, discussed how dynamic Istanbul is for a startup founders, and how the ecosystem helped him develop this idea.

fishbrainFinally, FishBrain from Sweden, was described as "porn for people who love fishing". It provides a social platform for anglers to post photos of fish they’ve caught and brag on their success. It also uses everything from weather data to feedback on success rates for different baits to help anglers catch bigger and better fish.

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