What is your advice for fellow founders?


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Talking to founders, we always ask them for a piece of advice.
Here is a collection of what we've heard lately.


What’s your advice for fellow founders who are about to start their own company?


From Mathieu Sneep (Twitterview with Cipasso):


From Jörn Kunst (interview with Welcome Investment):


Focus on your core skill set, deliver the best product you possibly can to the marketplace, and save your valuable time by raising the funds you need with crowd investing.



From Guy Galonska (Interview with INFARM):


Go at it full force! Talk to as many people as possible, get a lot of feedback and start getting people involved, both in pay and as a helping hand. The other advice would be to make sure you have something with a real and valuable transformative force behind. That’s maybe the hard part, but it’s a world that is both striving and needs a change.


Friedrich A. Neumann (Twitterview with RunAShop)


Polina Marchenko (Interview with KptnCook)

Be open-minded, be flexible, don’t be afraid to pivot, build a great product, hear your users, constantly work on your network. As people in SV say, believe in serendipity, help people around you and one day somebody would support you.


Communikite (Interview with Asaf Siman-Tov)

There is a lot of talent out there, and there are people who say “yes” more often then you can imagine. People say “yes”, so be positive.




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