Futuristic smart homes by Lars Hinrichs

Hinrichs is not only the founder of Xing, he’s also the CEO of real estate company Apartimentum. In Hamburg's posh district of Rotherbaum he has built and rented 20 castle-like luxury apartments, which are also super smart.

Right at the entrance there are automated mailboxes that provide information directly to each inbox and packages are prepared for pick up. An impressive stairway leads you up to the apartments and the roof is directly accessible. From the rooftop, there’s a great view of the Alster and Hamburg rooftops.

The smart apartments

Every apartment is furnished and styled to the last detail. With a touchscreen, every door can be opened with a single touch. Fibre optic cables are laid and LTE can be received everywhere in the house. Smart TVs and music systems are available in almost every room.

In the kitchen the refrigerator detects what is preserved and what should be thrown away. When cooking, the fan turns on automatically. Even the thermostat is smart - it learns from resident’s behaviours and turns off when no one is at home. And the windows have as many sensors as a small car.

As the sleek design shows off, Hinrich's vision looks promising. Perhaps more of these smart homes will start popping up in Germany and beyond.

Photos: Gründerszene / Michael Berger

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