Today in Germany: Zalando KPIs, Facelift’s experience, Lecturio investment.

Zalando releases first annual operating profit, Facelift's investment and how it changed the startup, Lecturio raised a seven digit amount.


Zalando Posts First Annual Operating Profit

Zalando reports that earnings before interest and taxes for the full year reached €82 million compared with a loss of €114 million last year. Revenue increased to €2.21 billion from €1.76 billion in the year-earlier period, according to preliminary data released on Wednesday. However, Zalando did not release any net profit figures yet.
[Wall Street Journal ]


"How $15 million changed our Startup"

After bootstrapping for three years, Hamburg-based Social Media startup Facelift raised one of the largest investments in Germany. Benjamin Schroeter (CEO) and Teja Töpfer (COO) shared their very personal on the impact of the funding.
[Gründerszene] (German)


Holtzbrinck Digital invests in Lecturio

According to the startup Lecturio, founded in 2008, it offers about 10.000 hours of educational videos, focussing on medical and law lessons. Now, Holtzbrinck Digital invests a seven-digit amount.
[Welt] (German)

Image: Zalando

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