10 GIFs that perfectly describe life in Berlin

These GIFs show the grit and glamour of urban life in Berlin.

1. Evading certain death when riding a bike through the city:

2. Catching judgmental glances from middle-aged and senior women:

3. Being surrounded by that weird mustard yellow color everywhere:

4. A feeling of euphoria when you find this döner sign at 5 am:

After doing this:


5. Knowing the Fernsehturm is a beacon you can use to orient yourself in the city:

6. Taking visitors to all of Berlin's sightseeing spots every month:

7. Failing to comprehend why the orderly Germans forget lines exist when boarding the U-bahn:

8. Wondering daily whether pedestrians have any rights and if that bus wasn't purposefully trying to run you over:

9. This feeling when doing anything during the winter:

10. But also slightly dreading summer because tourist season is real and annoying:

 Photos via Christian R. Hamacher via VisualHunt.com / CC BY-NC-SA and GIPHY

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