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Today in Berlin: Number26 is about to launch, 7 digit euro A round for Bloomy Days, and more.


Monday! 26°C and sunshine! Great way to start the week and here are the news:

Rethinking Online Banking

Number26 is about to launch soon

As so often it can be said, startups have a much stronger focus on design and usability than corporate institutions that try to bring their website to an app and don’t understand the importance of UX and extra functions. Number26 introduces a new account with a MasterCard, that works like a debit card, to offer real time financial overview. Read more

7 digit Euro ARound for Bloomy Days

Flower subscription startup raises A round

As Gründerszene reports the Berlin-based startup that concentrates on flower subscription raised a seven digit Euro round and wants to raise another one (with the same amount) this year. CFO Christian Kieb now also joins as part of the management of the startup. Read more



Don't miss out on any events this week

Find out what going on this week  in our Events Diary. Read more


What else is happening this week:

Netflix is launching

Streaming service Netflix invites press and partners to a launch event in Berlin on Tuesday, September 16th.

Uber in court

Also on Tuesday, September 16th, a court ruling over UberPOP is expected.


Image: Felicitas Hackmann 


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