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Today in Berlin: €830 k for Brandnew, $140 m for European startups, End for Department 47


Wednesday. Here's what happened today:

Money for Europe-based startups

Mosaic Ventures has a $140 Million fund ready to invest in Europe

Many say European startups struggle to get a Series A funding. While seed investment and a Round B is less difficult, a Series A is where it gets tricky. Understanding that, Mosaic Ventures launched a $140 million fund in Europe as the VC’s blog states. Read more


Money for Brandnew

€830.000 for social media advertising platform

Via Gründerszene: Brandnew claims to be the biggest influencer network worldwide: The Berlin-based startup  places native advertising through influential social media user on platforms such as  Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and Tumblr. According to the startup more than 800 influencer with in average 250,000 follower and partners such as Coca Cola, Adidas and Asos work with Brandnew.

The investment came from IBB (Investitionsbank Berlin) and will be used for research and international growth, with focus on the U.S.


No Money for Department 47

After the incubator shuts down, its startup Department 47 has to do too

Via Gründerszene: Though things looked alright for the premium fashion startup Department 47, it did not get the investment needed to continue. Its incubator Epic Companies closed earlier this month.


Doodle for Berlin

The Swiss startup opens an office in Berlin

Via Gründerszene: The time schedule website Doodle will open an office in Berlin in early 2015. 10 people will be based in the city by the Spree and work in all fields of the company. Interesting: Only 12 people work for Doodle fulltime in Switzerland. As Germany is one of the most important markets, the startup decided to open a space in Berlin.



Image: Felicitas Hackmann 


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