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Today in Berlin: Rocket starts Healthy Food Delivery, Fab launches Hem.


Tuesday. Here is what happened:

Rocket starts Healthy Food Delivery

At the end of August Rocket's EatFirst launched in London. Now, the healthy food delivery starts in Berlin as well. Between 11:45 am and 2 pm customers can pick between two meal (one with meat, one vegetarian) for €7. To ensure a delivery within 15 minutes, cars with prepared food will drive though the areas where EatFirst offers its service. For now that includes Mitte, Tiergarten and Kreuzberg. If food is in the car longer than an hour, it will not be delivered anymore.

The idea is known from the U.S. where Spoonrocket and Munchery offer this service.  For more details, visit Gründerszene.


Fab introduces "Hem"

Fab launches "Hem" which will concentrate on Scandinavian-style tables, shelves and other furniture. Today it goes live in 40 countries and ships to 30 countries and partners with physical resale stores in 10 countries. To kick things off  CEO and co-founder Jason Goldberg runs operation in Berlin. Read more on TechCrunch



Image: Felicitas Hackmann 


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