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Today in Germany: GoButler, Travelcircus


GoButler Berlin's office shuts down and Travelcircus receives investment.

GoButler shuts German office

Berlin-based concierge startup GoButler shuts down its operations in Germany. In New York where an automated software will answer the requests, the service will continue. Co-founder Jens Urbaniak and Maximilian Deilmann will leave the company, just as the last 20 employees that still worked at the Berlin office.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Travelcircus announces a 2 million round

Instead of asking where you want to go, Berlin-based Travelcircus asks where users live and when they would like to travel. Based on that, the website shows offers nearer and farer away. The two year old startup announces a €2 million round today. The investment comes from Trivago investor Howzat Partners, Tengelmann Ventures, and IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Image: Michael Berger

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