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Today in Germany: Outfittery KPIs, GLOSSYBOX profitable, Xing numbers.

Beauty box service GLOSSYBOX claims to be profitable, Outfittery shares KPIs, Xing's annual profit drops but user numbers are increasing.



Outfittery shares KPIs

Berlin-based Outfittery shared KPIs: In September and October the curated shopping service made more than €2 million in revenue. By the end of October 100,000 customer purchased items for in average €200 (after returns).
[excitingcommerce] (German), [Slideshare]

GLOSSYBOX states it is profitable

The beauty box delivery service GLOSSYBOX states it became profitable with a seven-digit Euro amount in 2014. While its customer base grew over 25 %, GLOSSYBOX cut 33% of its marketing costs. Key to success was customer satisfaction that increased from (in average) 68% to over 80%, the company states. Processes inside the company were also optimized.

Xing's annual profit dropped by One Third

While revenue grew by 20% to €101,4 million, and the number of members grew by 1,1 million (which makes it 8 million users over all), the annual profit dropped by almost 1/3 to €6.175 million.
[WirtschaftsWoche] (German)

Image: Outfittery Slideshare

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