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Today in Germany: WHY own it closes, Kreditech employees, Telekom’s streaming service for kids.

Hamburg-based peer-to-peer lending app WHY own it shuts down, Kreditech employees get moved to other offices/departments, Deutsche Telekom plans "Netflix for Kids".



WHY own it takes app out of the iTunes store on March 12th, 2015

After three years, the Hamburg-based lending app Why own it shuts down.  Being asked about his three key learnings, CEO Philipp Glöckler stated towards VentureVillage: “First: Have a business model and try to make money from day one, Second: Fail faster, Third: Have more conversations with users”

Kreditech moves employees to other offices

Being in business now for over three years, Kreditech employs 200 people in nine countries. According to CFO René Griemens, the company grows over 500% a year. Now Kreditech asks some over its employees to move to support other offices or departments because jobs in the headquarter are cut. Unfortunately, the company has different statements for its reasons.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Deutsche Telekom plans "Netflix for Kids"

The app my Kidio is for kids between 3 and 13 years and will be available for iOS and Android. The idea is to offer them selected audio book, films and series, e.g. to entertain them during traffic jam or long rides. It will costs about €8.99/month and also work within BMWs through its connected-car systems. Different to Netflix, content can also be downloaded.
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