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Today in Germany: MediaForce, Nfon, GoButler.

VC WestTech starts a Media Incubator, Nfon receives double digit million investment, German startup GoButler is like Magic and was founded by Ex-Rocket staff.


VC WestTech starts Media Incubator

Berlin-based VC WestTech will start an incubator specialized on media called “Media Force”. The website explains that the incubator will focus on “Uniqueness over mass media”. Goal is to bring diversity into the media landscape. WestTech founder Kamali mentioned that at least half of the teams should be women, because he wants to encourage female founders and their ideas. Participants will receive a €12,000 Angel investment as well as a six month office space. Those who stay for 12 month will receive €24,000. Also, mentoring, and services and technology will be provided, the website explains.

Nfon receives double digit million investment

Nfon offers cloud-based phone systems for cooperations. The fresh investment comes from already existing investors BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft, Milestone Venture Capital and Earlybird Venture Capital. It will be used to increase growth in five European countries.

Meet “GoButler”, ex-Rocket staff’s Magic clone

“Text us to get whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you are – it’s really simple and cool,” says GoButler co-founder CEO Navid Hadzaad. Just like Magic, the Silicon Valley startup (and Y Combinator alum), it offers an SMS-based virtual assistant and promises to get you anything on-demand.

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