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Today in Germany: Rocket Internet vs. Just Eat, Startup Events this week.

WSJ reports: The battle between UK's Just Eat and Rocket's food delivery companies is on, Startup Events in Germany.


The battle between UK's Just Eat and Rocket's food companies will take place in new European markets

Just recently, Rocket Internet invested almost €500 million in Delivery Hero and received 30% of its stocks (later on increased to 39%). Also, the Berlin-based company builder formed a “Global Online Takeaway Group” that as of now is present in 71 countries. “Expanding to new markets across the globe is of course a priority,” a spokesman for the company stated.

Just Eat, the U.K.’s leading online food delivery site and one of the country’s most successful Internet stock market launches in recent years, is also looking to address other markets. Until now, it operates in 13 counties. However, with both companies soon targeting Spain and Italy, it seems the they could fight their battle over the market leadership there.

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