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Today in Germany: Pop-up stores and curated shopping boxes

Berlin-based Go—PopUp acquires Dutch Popupsquare, German fashion house Peek & Cloppenburg starts a curated shopping service.


Berlin-based Go—PopUp acquires Dutch Popupsquare

Go—PopUp helps brands and creative businesses to find pop-up shop owners, who rent out their spaces. Popupsquare, which was the first platform that came up with the idea in 2011, grew to around 900 registered members, the company states. Further details about the deal remain undisclosed.

New competition for Outfittery & Co: P&C joins the party

Outfittery and Modomoto have to face a new competitor: Shortly after online shopping platform Zalando started out in the the curated shopping field with its "Project Z", clothing house Peek & Cloppenburg launched "Stilbox", a service that offers curated clothing boxes for men.

Image: Modomoto

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