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This Week in German Startups – by almost Goethe



Let there be food

for you and your mates

Marley Spoon launched in the States.

And as if that was not a win

Deliveroo launched in Berlin.

More office space, more office space

brings Zalando in one place

with all the big names and those who like to save,

but no – Dublin is just really a nice place.

Some put the funny into money,

Point Nine puts cash into Honey.

30 million for Westwing

was also quite a thing

this week in which of course

also SAFE got cash on board.

And Falk Realtime from Dusseldorf,

is what Fyber this week bought.


That being said and the weekend right ahead

let's see what news will next week spread.

Charge your phone and go outside,

open your mind and open it wide

because before long

the weekend is gone.





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