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Don’t miss these three talks at Pioneers15


Different to the years before, this year’s Pioneers Festival will not take place in October but on May 28 – 29. 2,500 participants will take part and speak about tomorrow’s ideas, innovation and future lifestyle. The event will again take place at the Hofburg in Vienna. For VentureVillage readers, Pioneers offers a 20% discount (limited to 20 tickets, valid until May 20th, 2015) on the website.

The agenda is now online and we found these three talks that we recommend you to watch.

Robotics at its finest by Easton LaChapelle, Unlimited Tomorrow

19-year-old Easton LaChapelle is Pioneer’s youngest speaker. Being inspired by a 7-year-old girl at a science fair who had a $80,000 prosthetic arm, he has been building robotic hands for the past five years. His goal is to build a more affordable alternative. By now, his prototype is available for $400.

[youtube id="HGKQDrQ9e40" width="500" height="291"]

Augmented / Virtual Reality: Leap Motion by Michael Buckwald and David Holz

Interacting with computers is quite a topic. The stunning video shows what is already possible. During the talk, Michael and David will give an overview of the current augmented/virtual landscape and explain where the industry is heading. Besides, the two co-founders want to give a live demo with one or two audience members.

[youtube id="gby6hGZb3ww" width="500" height="291"]

BioTech: Perumal Gandhi (muffri) and Cathal Garvey (SOSventures)

Technology often makes our life more fun or processes easier. But especially in BioTech, there is a chance to solve real world problems. Permal Gandhi is currently working on a project that sees milk being produced in breweries and making it vegan instead of relying on animals. If you’re into food and want to hear about the future of a clearly broken industry, this is a talk you don’t want to miss.

[youtube id="Cdl1AcBx5JA" width="500" height="291"]


Image: Pioneers Festival/Jan Nechvile

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