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Jonny Fresh launches in Munich

Having started in 2013,  the Berlin-based online laundry service Jonny Fresh promises to return clean clothes within 48 hours.  Now, the service will also be available in Munich's city center. Not the same but a similar service is offered by Rocket Internet's ZipJet. ZipJet is based in London, the startup also opened an office in Berlin. So far it is only available in Germany's capital.

Softgarden raises €3 million round

Berlin-based e-recruiting platform Softgarden raises a €3 million round led by existing investor Cipio Partners. Neuhaus Partners joins the round as a new investor. HTGF, however, does not invest. The Bonn-based fund sells its shares to Cipio Partners. The fresh cash will be used to grow the internal sales teams as well as forge new partnerships. Some money will also be spend on product development as well as building an app.
[Gründerszene] (German) announces Q1 numbers

Baby products online retailer shows strong growth and states a Q1 revenue of €35.6 million. The numbers had a positive effect on's stock: it rose 1.19% and is now worth €14.88.
[reuters], [] (German)

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