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Today in Germany: Zalando, Spotcap


Zalando to open tech hub in Helsinki

Zalando goes North. After announcing a Zalando office with about 200 new employees in Dublin, Ireland, Zalando stated to also open an office in Finland's capital Helsinki. The first candidates for jobs in the area of customer-facing products (app development, user experience, design,...) have already been interviewed. Zalando wants to hire about 50 people in the first year but double the number in the future.

Rocket Internet's FinTech startup Spotcap launches in Australia

From Berlin to Down Under: Though being based in Berlin, Rocket's online credit platform Spotcap does not operate in Germany. Instead it launched in Spain (fall 2014), later on in the Netherlands (spring 2015), and today in Australia. Spotcap provides short term credit lines and loans to small business owners. It is backed by Rocket Internet, Kreos Capital, Access Industries, and Holtzbrinck which overall invested about €18 million since last fall.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Image: Zalando (Robert Gentz, Founder and co-CEO of Zalando)

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