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Today in Germany: EyeEm, Magazino


EyeEm adds more curation to its Discovery feed

Berlin-based photography marketplace EyeEm just recently raised an $18 million round. Today, it updated its app and added more curation to the Discovery feature to let users see more beautiful pictures and albums. This shall motivate the community to not only upload their best pictures but also to add them to the market place, a tool that lets users sell their photographs through EyeEm.

Siemens takes over HTGF's and two business angels' shares in robot startup Magazino

Munich-based robot startup Magazino announces that Siemens bought HTGF's and two business angels' shares in the startup. Last year, these had invested €500 k.  Magazino is a sorting and packing robot. The founders kept 50,1% of the company, that has over 20 employees.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Image: EyeEm 

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