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Today in Germany: Carspring, EyeEm


Carspring launches in Germany

Rocket Internet's pre-owned automobile platform Carspring launches in Germany soon. It previously launched in London. The platform wants to connect pre-owned car owners and new buyers and promises to buy the car itself in case it doesn't get sold. Before a car gets sold it will be tested by the company's inspectors. Once it is sold, the new buyer has a two week test drive and can return the car if not satisfied. While the inspection, valuation and delivery is for free, Carspring does take a commission (5 – 10%).
[TechCrunch], [Gründerszene] (German)

EyeEm launches market place in Germany

Berlin-based photo sharing app EyeEm launches its market place in Germany. It lets publishers, editors, brands, and anyone else with a need for authentic photographs buy pictures taken from EyeEm users (that upload their pictures to the market place). EyeEm takes a 50 percent commission. The data base offers over 50 million images.

Images: Some rights reserved by KB35

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