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Today in Germany: Moneymeets, Outbank, ParkTAG


Moneymeets meets Money

Cologne-based FinTech startup Moneymeets announces a €3.5 million round. It was led by Swiss Woodman Asset Management AG. DvH Ventures, John Werner Madaus and Thomas May also joined the round. Being founded in 2012, Moneymeets is a platform that lets its clients manage their accounts, insurances and depots, as well as rate financial products and buy them for a discounted price. The investment will be used to continue developing partnerships.
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Frank Thelen and 6Wunderkinder founder Christian Reber invest in Outbank

Dachau-based FinTech startup Outbank announces an investment from Frank Thelen and Christian Reber. Different to other news we report, we at this time don't know the amount of investment but the number of shares that were handed out: The investors now own 30% of the startups.
[Gründerszene] (German)

ParkTag receives investment

Berlin-based parking App ParkTAG  gets a €1.4 million investment. It comes from the research and investment program Horizon2020 of the European Commission. The app aims to help people find a parking spot.
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