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Today in Germany: wunderflats, Axel Springer


Wunderflats raises six-digit amount

Rocket Internet-backed Nestpick competitor Wunderflats announces a six-digit investment. Flaconi founders Paul Schwarzenholz and Björn Kolbmüller, Arthur Mai (previously Project A Ventures), as well as Otto Suwelack and Michael Goldapp invested about €500,000 in the Berlin-based company that offers midterm apartment rentals., Decimo, RadioScreen and FinReach also have investment news to share.
[DeutscheStartups] (German)

Axel Springer and Samsung work on News App

Berlin-based media publisher Axel Springer and Samsung team up to develop an Apple News competitor. "upday" is a personalized news collector that is now available for some Samsung phones in the Google Play Store.
[mobilbranche] (German)

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Axel Springer is shareholder of Vertical Media GmbH, the media house of VentureVillage. For more information visit

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