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Today in Germany: CarJump, Mysportsgroup


Seven-digit figure for car sharing app CarJump

Different from e.g. Car2Go and DriveNow, Berlin-based CarJump doesn't offer its own car sharing platform but unites the offer of many already known services. Now, GHM Mobile Development GmbH, the company behind CarJump, announces a new investment: a seven-digit figure came from UnternehmerTUM, Axel Springer Digital Ventures and Zimmermann Investments.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Mysportsgroups gets acquired by 21sportsgroup

Berlin-based Mysportsgroup is the name behind the sportsarticle online shop Vaola and will stay independent after it got acquired by Mannheim-based 21sportsgroup. Details of the deal stay undisclosed.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Image: CarJump


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