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Today in Germany: SoundCloud, Amazon

SoundCloud introduces SoundCloudGo in the US

Berlin-based music sharing platform has recently (finally) signed legal contracts with many large music publishers. Now, in the US, it introduces SoundCloud Go, which is similar to Spotify. For $9.99 listeners get access to even more music but are also able to play music offline. Also, the paying users will listen to their music ad-free. As of right now, the service is available for the iOS app only.
[SoundCloud Blog], [The Verge]

Amazon to start two hour delivery in Berlin in May

Rumors have it that Amazon will start two hour delivery in Berlin in May. As the German newspaper Welt reports customers with an Amazon Prime account will be able to have their orders delivered within Berlin. Amazon declined to comment, however, it seems a warehouse at Kurfürstendamm will hold 10,000 articles from the online retailer's assortment.
[Welt] (German), [Reuters]

Image: SoundCloud


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