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Today in Germany: Rocket Internet, Auctionata


Rocket Internet will continue to raise

Berlin-based company builder Rocket Internet won shareholder approval to raise about €4.5 billion in the next five years. As usual the investment will be used for new ventures and to increase stakes/acquire already existing startups. Rocket Internet was found in 2007 and mostly copies startups ideas that deal with online retail, e.g. Zalando, or are service platforms, e.g. Helpling. "Growth won't slow, even after 20 years of the Internet. It's just starting," said CEO Oliver Samwer. "Growth is particularly strong in our markets because they are undeveloped."
[Yahoo Finance]

Auctionata sets new world record for an Asian work of art sold in an online auction

Auctionata, the online auction house, announced it has sold a rare enamel, ivory-mounted and paste-set musical and automaton clock from the late 18th century was sold for €3.37 million. That being said, Auctionata's 259th auction is the highest since the start of its livestreaming in May 2013.

Image: Some rights reserved by 401(K) 2013


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