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Today in Germany: Deutsche Post, MyTaxi, N26

Deutsche Post delivers package into your Smart

German delivery company Deutsche Post will start delivering orders into cars. Those who participate in the beta testing with Smart cars, can use the service, starting in fall this year. The car has to be parked near the owner's home. Details about extra fees have not been communicated.
[Günderszene] (German)

MyTaxi acquires 60% of Hailo

Hamburg-based and Daimler owned taxi app MyTaxi acquired 60% of British competitor Hailo. Through this merge, it will be one of Europe's biggest taxi-odering apps. Hailo will rebrand its operations under MyTaxi. Andrew Pinnington, the current CEO of Hailo, will from now on be the CEO of MyTaxi, while Niclaus Mewes, co-founder of MyTaxi parent Intelligent Apps, will become an MD at Daimler and will oversee the carmaker’s wider efforts in the transportation industry.

N26 launches investment product

Just a few days ago, Number26 received a banking licence and renamed itself to N26. Today, it announces a partnership with German fintech startup vaamo to let users manage different portfolios of risky and not-so-risky assets.

Image: Deutsche Post

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