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Today in Germany: Gameforge, 21sportsgroup

Gameforge lays off 90 people

Based in Karlsruhe, Gameforge announced they will lay off 90 of their 450 employees due to a company restructuring. The 90 employees all belonged to the mobile games department. The restructuring is underway because the company and especially the mobile games department have not been as successful as planned.
[Games Wirtschaft]

21sportsgroup receives €15 million loan

21sportsgroup, a Mannheim-based online shop for sport articles, received a €15 million (16.3 million USD) loan from London-based ESO Capital. The loan will be used to acquire additional companies and invest in growth. In May of this year, 21sportsgroup reported raising a 2-digit million euro amount.
[Gründerszene] (German)

Image: Screenshot Gameforge



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