Today in Germany: 20content, Bonativo, Uber

Rocket Internet launches a new venture, and more.


Interview with Niklas Hoffmeier, Founder of 20content

Niklas Hoffmeier started his marketing company 20content when he was 17. Now, one year later, Gründerszene catches up with him to learn about his company that has a core team of five people and around 50 freelancers.

New Rocket Venture Bonativo Launches

Bonativo, Rocket Internet's newest venture, launches today. Bonativo offers around 400 regional, organic products from Berlin-Brandenburg. Founder Christian Eggert speaks with Gründerszene on the new venture.

Uber cooperates with in Germany

Find out the latest news on Uber, Lendico, and Xing here.

Image Credit: Niklas Hoffmeier

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