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5 Places to Cool Off In Berlin


We have been wanting to share this piece with you for a while, but in typical Berlin fashion, the weather went from swimsuit to sweatshirt just when we thought summer was actually here. The results on Google weather, however, say that this weekend should reach the upper 20s. We will trust the forecast and bring you our suggestions for the five best places around the city where you can take a dip!

1. Krumme Lanke

A short 12 minute walk from the U-bahn Krumme Lanke Station is one of our favorite lakes in Berlin. And judging from the amount of people the lake entices on hot days, it reaches the top of many Berliners’ lists. To snag enough spots with some sun, we suggest you try to reach Krumme Lanke - and all our suggested lakes - as early as possible. There is a larger area at this lake where there is some open space to spread out.  If you do arrive late, however, don’t be surprised if the best you can do is a tight spot between trees.

For a day at Krumme Lanke, look forward to the refreshing water, a serene atmosphere and a delicious ice cream shop next to the train station before you head home.

2. Ploetzensee

Ploetzensee is faster to reach for anyone living in areas north of the city such as Prenzlauer Berg and Wedding. This lake is what Germans call a “Freibad” or “outdoor pool”. Don’t get confused, though. Ploetzensee is simply a lake where you need to pay entry (€4 per person). In return, you can lay your towel on sand near the water and enjoy easy access to food, ice cream, drinks and bathroom facilities.

3. Strandbad Wannsee

This location is Europe’s largest outdoor swimming area and is definitely the most well-known spot for cooling off in Berlin. Here you can rent a beach chair and find a spot on its almost 1,275-meter long (and 80-meter wide) stretch of sand. There is not much you won’t find at Wannsee Lake in terms of entertainment. You can rent a rowboat, zip down the water slide or play football and beach volleyball. As you might expect, there are plenty of bathroom facilities as well as restaurants and kiosks to help you enjoy your day. Entrance is €5.50 per person.


4. Badeschiff

Situated right on the Spree in Kreuzberg, Badeschiff is ideal for cooling off on the weekends if you don’t want to head out of the city. This hot spot is a deep blue, heated swimming pool floating on the river. As its trendy location demands, Badeschiff offers extras such as yoga classes, open air parties and a variety of other cultural and creative events. If you are just up for swimming and enjoying a beautiful view of the city, entrance is €5.

5. Schlachtensee

Schlachtensee is nestled between Wannsee and Krumme Lanke. This gem is easy to reach through public transportation. Here's a hint: If you want to be close to the beer garden, Fischerhuette am Schlachtensee, then take the S1 to Mexikoplatz instead of Schlachtensee. An easy 10 minute walk will bring you right to a grassy area with access to the water, a warm meal and beer.

 Image Credit: Strandbad Wannsee.jpg 

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