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6Wunderkinder snaps up Berlin startup Moped

UPDATE Moped announced it has been acquired by fellow Berlin company 6Wunderkinder and that its service will be shut down on 31 December. Rumours that the Berlin-based messaging platform wasn't doing well had been circulating for the past few months – its social media channels remained eerily quiet and its last announcement was made in June, when it released Moped 2.0.


6Wunderkinder's main product is Wunderlist –  a task management app – and in November the company announced a $19m funding round from American VC firm Sequoia.

Initially launched as a private messaging tool resembling Twitter’s DM feature, including hashtags and @s, Moped pivoted with its 2.0 version to provide a messaging service for teams and SMEs. This is the same market that 6Wunderkinder targets with its premium service, Wunderlist Pro.

A 6Wunderkinder spokesperson told us that "It is a technology acquisition only. And although we can’t yet share any details on exactly how we will utilise Moped’s real time cross platform messaging in the future, we can say that communication is an essential part of team collaboration".

In June 2012, Moped closed a $1m seed funding round with German VC Earlybird (also an investor in 6Wunderkinder), SV Angel, Betawork, and Lerer Ventures. The Next Web reports that there's a silver lining for Moped users – they'll receive one free month of Wunderlist Pro as part of the takeover.

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