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A sampling of startups that impressed the ‘Germany – Land of Ideas’ initiative

Over 100 German projects were recognized in the 2017 Landmarks in the Land of Ideas competition. Here are a few of them.

The Germany Land of Ideas 2017 'Landmarks in the Land of Ideas' competition shined the limelight on 100 different projects (German) across the country.

These projects each propose new solutions to answer "complex challenges such as immigration, digitization and globalization," the press release says.

Experimentation, curiosity and "courage to rethink issues" are of importance when it comes to considering which projects to honor.

Ultimately, these nation-wide projects need to move Germany forward and create a more open society.

Prizewinners are advised by mentors on how to secure financing, improve their public relations and create a business plan.

Here is a small sampling:

Photo credit: Germany Land of Ideas/Westend61

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