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A Week in the Village – our top headlines (26 – 30 March)

We take a look back at a week of moving, shaking and relocating - from news of Twitter's new offices in Berlin to a gang of German startups off to Silicon Valley.

Monsters, McDonald’s and Miniatures – What inspires Twitter logo designer Linda Gavin


Following the (unofficial) confirmation that Twitter will be setting up shop in Berlin, VentureVillage's Elaine Jung caught up with Linda Gavin - a designer with creativity to burn who managed to catch the eye of Twitter inventor Noah Glass.

Oh, and she's also the daughter of a Swedish seamstress and Chinese ex-gang leader...


width="150"The Top 10 Russian internet startups – welcome to the wild web frontier

Guest blogger Yakov Sadchikov talks us through the hottest internet properties in the East… from leading online hotel booking and travel site to ZeptoLab, inventor of Russia's answer to Angry Birds (try it, you'll like it).


width="150"The five golden rules to stop your startup from getting shafted

Business before contracts, or contracts before business? Marcus Tonndorf, formerly of Audiogent, shares some hard-won rules.


Moving, shaking and relocating... to Munich and Silicon Valley

Six lucky German startups - including 6Wunderkinder, UPcload and Ondango - won the chance for up to six months of mentoring in Silicon Valley, Rocket Internet set up shop in Munich, and Liquid Labs makes a few (anonymous) new hires.


smeetVideo: the cutting-edge 3D social networking world of Smeet

Free browser-based platform Smeet has attracted 15 million users worldwide and is growing at a rate of 40,000 new registrations a day. We take a peek inside.


That's it until next week. If the weekend weather gets you down, there's always the Carlsberg/Buddy Beers party at 1820 Bar Berlin on Saturday night...

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