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Contest Guidelines

1. Scope

These general terms and conditions apply to all contests, which are run on the domains Gründerszene and VentureVillage, both owned by Vertical Media GmbH. They apply in addition to any unique conditions that are named in each respective competition. All participants agree to these terms and conditions when taking part in the competition.

2. Operator of Gründerszene/VentureVillage

The websites and are operated by:

Vertical Media GmbH

Wallstraße 27

10179 Berlin


3. Participation

(1) Participants must be of legal age and real people using their own names. Excluded from the contest are the employees of Vertical Media GmbH, affiliate businesses and any cooperation partners.

(2) Participation in the contest is online via email. Accurate and real names and addresses along with, where appropriate, other additional data are required.

(3) The contest requires participants to send materials or files and assumes each participant to be the sole owner and holder of all rights of use and exploitation of the returned material. By submitting material to the competition, each participant concedes ownership to Vertical Media GmbH, along with the comprehensive utilisation and exploitation rights to the material, unless the participant sends an objection in writing with their application. Vertical Media GmbH takes no liability for the submitted material unless Vertical Media GmbH or its staff act with intent or gross negligence. After the competition closes Vertical Media has the right to destroy all material received.

(4) The closing dates of competitions are provided individually.

(5) Participation is free of charge and in no way dependent on the purchasing of goods or use of services. The involvement in the contest is at the individual’s own risk.

4. Determining the winner

(1) The prize is only distributed amongst the participants who submitted correct email applications on time.

(2) If there are multiple participants the prizewinner is decided by lot, unless an individual accomplishment is required for the win. If an individual performance is required, the entire editorial team is entitled to act as the juror and decide on the winner. Their decision is final.

5. Specific conditions for implementation and prizes

(1) All winners will be notified by email, phone or in writing via mail or fax. Participants are obliged to tell Vertical Media GmbH whether they accept the prize within two weeks of receiving notification of their win. If Vertical Media GmbH does not receive notice within this period, the participant gives up their prize and Vertical Media GmbH reserves the right to determine another participant by lot and notify them accordingly. If Vertical Media GmbH has the address of the prizewinner it reserves the right to send the prize directly with the notification.

(2) The prizes presented in the contest is not necessarily identical to the actual items that are won, some deviation is possible. Until the prize is actually given out, Vertical Media has the right to, without notice or providing reasons, change the contest terms and/or to change, switch or replace the prize with a different prize. In these cases, the participants do not have any claim against Vertical Media GmbH.

(3) The prize is strictly that which is specified by Vertical Media GmbH. Any costs that come up through the use of the prize are only covered if this is specifically stated in the contest. Vertical Media GmbH takes no liability for damages incurred by a participant through the acceptance and/or use of the prize.

(4) No cash payment in the value of the prize or an exchange of the prize is allowed. The prize is not transferable.

(5) Vertical Media GmbH reserves the right to release the names of the winners publicly. The winners hereby agree to this.

6. Further conditions

(1) The participants agree that there is a chance that photos or movie recordings made by Vertical Media GmbH or a third party could be published on or

(2) By participating in the contest, the entrant agrees to the terms and conditions of the contest.

7. Early termination, elimination and exclusion

(1) Vertical Media GmbH reserves the right to cancel the competition at any time without notice and without a declaration of reasons. This is especially true if the proper implementation cannot be guaranteed due to technical or legal reasons. In such a case, participants have no right to any claim against Vertical Media GmbH.

(2) Vertical Media GmbH reserves the right to prevent participation in the contest. This applies in particular if participants go against the terms and conditions of the contest, or if the participants dishonestly manipulate the contest. Vertical Media GmbH may also make this decision post-contest and reclaim prizes from winners.

(3) The user has the right to revoke his agreement to the contract and participation in the contest via writing within two weeks. The reprieve happens at the earliest when the notification is received. Participants should send this in writing but do not need to include reasons for why they are withdrawing from the competition. The address is:

Vertical Media GmbH
Torstrasse 179
10115 Berlin

Fax: 0049-30-577071199

8. Privacy Policy

So that the implementation of a contest is possible, Vertical Media GmbH needs to have the personal data of participants – such as their name and address. Personal data that Vertical Media GmbH receives from participation in contests is stored by Vertical Media GmbH and is only used by it and its partners for the implementation and execution of the contest. A transfer of data to third parties does not occur. Upon request, Vertical Media GmbH will issue each participant information on their personal data that it has stored, free of charge, and will destroy the information immediately on request. Again, just an email to: will suffice.

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