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UK-based advertising platform Adbrain launches and lands $1.5m seed funding

Adbrain, the UK-based advertising platform, has today made two major announcements: it's landed $1.5m in seed funding from angel investors and Notion Capital, and it has officially launched.


Founded in September last year and headquartered in London, Adbrain is an interface allowing advertising agencies and media buyers to create multi-screen advertising campaigns and to run, measure and optimise these in real-time. In a time when the average person is using multiple connected devices, Adbrain founder and former Google DoubleClick employee Gareth Davies saw a need for advertisers to gain a unified view of campaigns over a number of screens, in order to send more targeted messages.

"At DoubleClick, we were working with large pan-European clients and advertisers, all using the one platform. It provided advertisers with a single platform to run and optimise all their advertisement campaigns. So online, you have systems based on cookies and can do some smart ad-buying optimisation, analytics and data modelling, but the minute you do this for mobile you lose the user – there are a lot of challenges. Our mission is to bring transparency and control to the market.

"We're going up against the likes of Google and Turn and MediaMath – but as great as their technology is, we don’t believe they’re anywhere near ready for the complexity of mobile. Mobile is as close as you’ll get to consumers in a privacy-compliant way, we understand the complexity of geolocation and all this rich data that comes from mobile devices. That’s why, although we're multiscreen, we’re mobile first. There aren't many credible solutions in the mobile field."

It will use the fresh capital to scale its operations and launch its New York office, along with hiring more engineering talent. It's looking to increase its presence in Europe too, with Germany a particular focus.

Adbrain is competing with US companies Drawbridge, which has received funding from Sequoia Capital and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and TapAd, both of whom offer platforms for multi-screen advertisements.

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