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adjust opens office in China and Japan after seeing growth of 300% in Asia

After just recently receiving a $7.6 million Series D funding round, the Berlin-based mobile attribution and analytics company adjust will use the investment as promised to expand to other countries. After launching in Instabul, Turkey, and San Francisco, USA, adjust now announces the opening of two offices in Shanghai and Tokyo.


adjust states that it already derives 20% of its global revenues from Asian clients, with revenue growth exceeding 300% in Q3 2014 alone. "There’s no question Asia is the next big step for us and we are committed to investing heavily in this market,” says CEO & Co-founder Christian Henschel. The Japanese and Chinese mobile advertising markets are the second and third largest globally.

“What draws us to Japan is the similarities in doing business in Germany – these are both cultures that value punctuality, solid engineering, and honest no-nonsense business,” says Chief Revenue Officer Hendrik Volp.

The local presence will be built up by Chris Rupp who just joined adjust from Fyber. He will be on-site in Shanghai for Chinese clients and partners, whereas Shawn Bonham, previously with Upsight, will be responsible for the office based in Tokyo. adjust is planning a headcount of around ten people for these markets.

It is planned to have the native adjust product to be rolling out in both markets in Q4 this year. Both versions (Chinese and Japanese) will be fully integrated into the English-speaking interface.

adjust's product development, however, will stay in Berlin. Just like in the US, though, technical support will be available in Asia.

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