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Amen’s new social recommendations app Thanks launches in iTunes


Berlin startup Amen’s latest app Thanks, which pools social recommendations and provides a search engine for users, has launched in the app store. The app gathers data that is already collaborated on Amen in lists of the "Best" and "Worst" of everything, letting users search through these results to find the "Best" of a city or product.


The much-hyped Amen is a platform for users to vote on the "Best" and "Worst" of everything, from the tastiest burgers to the scariest horror films, all the way to the more obscure – such as “TXL is the best comeback this year”. Over four million lists of “Best’s” and “Worst’s” have been generated by users since the app launched in 2011.

But despite being hyped, Amen has also faced a lot of criticism for having no real benefit or purpose for users, other than providing a platform for airing strong opinions.

That’s where Thanks comes in, as it provides a real tool for people looking for general recommendations and searching for new information that has been peer-reviewed. Users don’t have to be on Amen to access the app, they can browse opinions without contributing to discussion. It includes a location-based service, so users can filter results according to what’s nearby.  If the app can’t find what the user is looking for, they can ask an "expert" friend.

You can download Thanks in the App store.

Still curious? Check out a video on it below:

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