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Angela Merkel

As part of a greater, political shift in addressing Europe's startup industry, the German Chancellor went on a whirlwind tour through the offices of social network for scientists ResearchGate, and social-gaming business Wooga yesterday. “The visit of Chancellor Merkel shows us that we’re on the right path – as trailblazers both in science and in the German startup scene,” said ResearchGate CEO Ijad Madisch.

Apart from the formalities of Merkel's HQ visits, it was a chance for startups to raise policy-changing ideas. On Wooga's blog: "Just like Researchgate and many other Startups, Wooga has become an international German company with employees from all over the globe. We think that many problematic areas like immigration have taken a turn for the better over the last few years, but we believe that by establishing a 'welcome culture' – like an English-speaking service at the Bürgeramt or internet/water/electricity providers – we could make Germany an even more attractive place for international talent."

All the colour and action below:

Image credit: ResearchGate, Wooga

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